Message to the reader
Message to the reader

The present issue of the electronic journal offered to the reader is devoted to the problems of ethnological research. Most of the authors of this issue also participated in the conference “IV Pimenov's Readings” in December 2017 and in the round table of the international conference “Marx-XXI”, held in May 2018 at MSU. Articles published in this issue are diverse in their problems. However, the materials of all the authors are united by the fact that they largely focused on the analysis and discussion of a number of theoretical and methodological problems of modern ethnological knowledge. A new Issue of the journal begins with the group of articles , the authors of which, from different points of view, consider the problem of “the future in the past and the present” in ethnological studies. A number of authors analyze the theme of folk ideas about the future earlier and now and their reflections in the works of ethnologists. Another group of articles contains expert assessments of professional ethnologists and anthropologists regarding the future ethnocultural diversity of humanity and the development prospects of the peoples of the world. Both forms of historical reflection constitute an important area of modern historical consciousness of humanity, forming not only a mental view, but also a real strategy and perspective for the functioning of society.

These discussions continue in the second group of articles devoted to the analysis of the influence of Marxism on ethnological science in Russia and foreign countries in the XX-XXI centuries. In their articles, these authors examined the development of Marxist traditions in Russian science from theoretical, methodological, historical, and historiographical positions. A significant part of the authors note that, despite the refusal of a number of scholars from the Marxist tradition and the revision of many provisions, the ideas of the social system approach and analysis of historical reality, substantiated by K. Marx, are far from exhausted and continue to be successfully used by many domestic and foreign researchers. This was illustrated in a number of articles on the example of modern anthropological and ethnological works. The authors of the publications of this issue represent a wide range of research centers and schools from scientists of Moscow University and research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences to teachers and researchers in other Moscow and provincial universities and institutes.

In this issue of the journal the reader is also offered interesting materials of expeditions and travels, information about conferences and reviews of books.

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