Message to the reader
Message to the reader

On September 22, 2018 Doctor of Science in History of Art, Professor, Head of the Department of General History of Art, Dean of the Faculty of History of Moscow State University, an excellent scholar and a very good person Ivan Ivanovich Tuchkov ended his life.

The man is multifaceted. Therefore everyone remembered him in his own way. For some he was a teacher - a brilliant lecturer passionately in love with his subject - the art of Rome, an erudite, a bibliophile, a caring scientific adviser taking care of his students in science and in life. For someone - an old university friend, colleague and classmate, reckless friend of his youth, merry fellow, joker, toastmaster of many feasts and the soul of any company. For someone - a colleague, partner, leader, always open and democratic, energetic, full of ideas and new projects, but at the same time intelligent and careful in dealing with the people whom he was most afraid to disturb, offend, insult. Perhaps that is why first of all for many people he was a friend - a man who can be fully trusted and relied on, a person who will always try to support, protect and help.

One of the main features of Ivan Ivanovich as the Head of the Department and then the Faculty was his incredible creative obsession. He firmly believed in science and considered it his duty to do everything for its development and prosperity. Any creative initiative: a research project, a scientific trip, organization of an exhibition, conference, publication of a collection or the foundation of a periodical – met his full understanding and approval. He made considerable efforts to develop the faculty publications, in particular, strongly supported the initiative to create an electronic journal which he considered an extremely important and promising form of editing scientific publications that could significantly expand the possibilities of disseminating the works of faculty members. At the same time he dreamed of the time when the electronic journal would be included in the high-rating databases and would reach the level of the most reputable scientific publications attracting both recognized meters and the most talented young researchers.

Another his initiative was associated with this. Ivan Ivanovich was an excellent teacher. He was a teacher in the full sense of the word - referring not only to daily teaching work: giving lectures and conducting seminars, reviewing countless student and postgraduate works, taking examinations and preparing graduate students. He tried to instill in his students taste and love for independent research work, to give them the opportunity to prove themselves in real deeds, encouraged their participation in scientific events of any level, including conferences and publications. Thanks to his support youth publications and conferences, round tables organized by the students themselves and projects in which young researchers took part along with their teachers entered the broad practice. Among these projects is the initiative to encourage the right to publish the best theses of graduates of the Department of General History of Art - those that are not just conscientiously completed learning tasks but contain interesting results of original scientific research. This decision was made at the meeting of the Department and brought to life - selected articles of the five best graduates of the Department in 2017-2018 were included in this issue of the electronic journal and now we offer them to the attention of readers. The compilers and authors of the issue hope to express their deep gratitude in this way and pay tribute to the memory of Ivan Ivanovich Tuchkov.

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